Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Welded Wire Mesh Fence

Brand Name: ChunRong

Origin: Anping

Certification: ISO9001

Port: Xin Gang,Tianjin



Welded Wire Mesh Fence – The Ultimate Protection For Any Property

You might have come across many welded wire fence panels on the side of the roads, on properties, on business centers and on school boundaries. All these wired fences are welded to installation pole and supporting structures in order to attain strength and shape. At Great Gabion Wall, we offer you a range of welded wire mesh fence that can be erected at any convenient location. Our welded wire fence panels come with a provision of pole and strengthening structural support all that can be welded on the wire mesh.

Our welded wire mesh fence can be highly customized as per customers’ requirements and we can offer a range of mesh designs as per the preference of the buyers. Wires used in all these wire meshes are hot-dip galvanized and even quoted with PVC as per the demand of our customers. Depending upon the nature of installation, strength requirement of the fence and purpose or use, we offer welded wire fence panels that can be erected at residential and commercial complexes as well as in animal farm lands protecting corps and animals. 

With high durability and stable installation, these welded wire mesh fence can render finest aesthetics while offering adequate protection with their structural stability. Check out our offers and order customized welded wire fence panels today!  
Specifications: Customization Available

Wire diameter after PVC Coating (mm)

2.8 - 6.0

Mesh Size (mm)

50 x 100, 75 x 150, 50 x 200, 60 x 150

Panel Size (mm)

2400 x 3000

Post SIze (mm)

48 x 2, 48 x 2.5, 60 x 60, 70 x 100

Border Size (mm)

14 x 20, 20 x 30

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