Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed Wire Fence

Brand Name: ChunRong

Origin: Anping

Certification: ISO9001

Port: Xin Gang,Tianjin



Razor Barbed Wire Fence – For An Ultimate Protection Against Intruders
The razor barbed wire fence is being used more frequently for its assorted protection from undesired intruders in various areas. Not only for demarking the borders, but also helps in preventing trespassing of unwanted human or animals into the cordoned off space. These barbed wires are twisted with the help of machines to offer some shape edges for the protection from unwanted intruders. Barbed wires combined with razor offer further protections which are also used in various military and para-military boundaries.

Razor barbed wire fence offered by Great Gabion Wall are produced with machine twisted wires fixed with razor clips for additional protection. These can be installed over walls, individual fences and normal wired fences for security and protection purpose. These razor barbed wire fence provides resistance that are very difficult to breach and hence finds many applications including cordoning of military zones. Made with high quality and highly galvanized steel these razor barbed wire fences offers durable performance and lasting protection. These wire fences with razors are also available with PVC coating and Galfan coating for specific installations. Depending upon the need of installation and the area of use, razor barbed wire mesh and fence can be used with multiple grades and strength of steel. We also offer high customization as per requirements on these razor barbed fences.

Check out some of our standard sizes and you may ask us for more customization as per your suitability. Call us today!
Material: low carbon steel wire, galvanizing wire, PVC coating wire
Finish: galvanization, hot-dip galvanization, PVC coated
Specification: Customization Available

Wire Diameter

2.0mm +/- 0.05mm

Tensile Strength

350N /

Barb Length


Barb spacing


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