Mike Reinforced Pad

Mike Reinforced Pad

Brand Name: ChunRong

Origin: Anping

Certification: ISO9001

Port: Xin Gang,Tianjin



Mike Reinforced Pad – The Cost-Effective Binding Support For Soil At Construction Sites
Mike Reinforced Pad is a unique combination of geo-textile synthetic material along with hexagonal wire mesh designs that are created to maintain a perfect advantage of allowing natural growth while protecting the erosion and safekeeping the soil as well as preventing the rock fall. 
Some of the most advantageous features of the Mike Reinforced Pad are:
a) Permeability:
Mike reinforced pad allows a permeable structure that can pass water through them. This helps to maintain water pressure in the soil by allowing excess water to drain while allowing traditional retention ability of the soil. This also cuts expenses on drainage and reduces overall cost of the structure.  
b) Vegetation:
Mike reinforced pad structure allows natural growth of vegetation and that helps in binding soils through root structure. This helps in building a natural structure of green vegetation. With passage of time this helps in retaining the soil, while strengthening a synchronized bond of reinforced pad with its geo-textile and soil bond. 
c) Durability:
Mike reinforced pad is created with Aluminum and Zinc alloy wire that offers it durability, strength and longer resistance to weather corrosion. With high technology surface coating application, this wire is made to withstand the exposure to harsh weather condition and oxidation while offering the best structural stability.
d) Economic viability:
As these structures are made of steel wire mesh with box filler type of composition, it generally costs less than the price of other solid structures like concrete and masonry structure. Hence this system becomes economically more viable than other structures including a support for natural vegetation and soil management. 
e) Secondary support:
Such a structure with natural greenery growth acts as a secondary support for construction of roadways, railways, parks and landscapes. This mike reinforced pad helps in structuring a specific piece of land with desired filling and protection from erosion. This also helps in improving the quality of construction along with speeding up the process. 
We offer a wide range of Mike reinforced pad support for specific applications. Please go through the table below to check the specification of pads that are suitable for different types of installations.

2.     Application:

a)    Public / railway embankment, embankment, cutting, bridge abutments
b)    Landslides, mudslides and control engineering
c)    Inland port, coastal protection, urban construction of retaining structures, river training works

3.     The detailed specification as follow:
    Product Component:



Mesh Wire(mm)

Selvedge Wire(mm)

Optional Material

Working Life(Year)


Hexagonal Wire Mesh




Zn-10%Al-rare earth alloy coated steel wire


There are differences in working life in different environments


Se-Cr-Zn alloy coated steel wire



Galvanized Steel Wire



Melting Point()

Void Index(%)



Anti-UV Performance

Geotextile Material






Customization Available

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