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Welcome to the Great Gabion Wall – the best supplier for Gabion products in China since more than 15 years. We have developed expertise and solutions to offer you the finest gabion retaining wall and baskets. Our Gabion baskets are tested for their durability and longevity withstanding all types of weather conditions for a safe and aesthetically beautiful installation with neat and clean arrangements of the steel/ PVC and rock fillings. These gabion baskets and retaining walls not only offer you an eco-friendly wall supporting all natural flow of rain water, but also helps you to have a stronger fence around your property which lasts long and at a marginal cost.

Multipurpose Gabion Retaining Wall:

We have gabions created with low-carbon steel under very strong galvanization process. These not only make our steel virtually non-reactive to the atmosphere, but also make them resistant to environmental oxidation and corrosion. This is the reason why our Gabion baskets retaining wall are extensively used in rock fillings on the riverbanks, rockfall protection, flood management and such others. Our sack gabions, reno mattresses and gabion wire mesh are designed to withstand extreme weather and perform better for protection of life and nature.

Whether you need simple landscaping or want security walls and channel lining, we can offer you high quality gabion baskets materials, fencing, wire mesh and   within much affordable budget. We ship worldwide too and you can order us online from any corner of the world!  



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